Sexual health

Sexual health

May 14, 2017

We often notice our co-workers looking tired in the morning and we joke about what they were doing the night before, typically hinting at sex the night before. Well, according to a new study regular sex at home doesn’t make you tired but rather gives you an extra boost the next day at work.

Following the habits of 159 married employees for half a month, the study found that the workers who kept a steady and active sex life were more likely to be completely focused on their work and actually enjoy their professional life. This obviously comes back with great advantages to the employees as well as their employers and companies.

Sexual intercourse is responsible for the release of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter directly linked to the reward centers of the brain. This component along with oxytocin which is one of the neuropeptides linked to social bonding and attachment, are what makes sex the body’s best tool to gain an attitude boost that can last long enough to affect our next day.

The research also found that there are many negative consequences in working from home after a day in the office, or simply staying affected by work problems once we go back home. This has become quite common with all the portability that new technology has brought to our professional life. For example, we often receive and send work emails after hours. But this has to change according to science. The study says that it must be understood that work should stay in the office, otherwise some of the most basic life aspects can be affected, namely sex. And in turn once a bad sex life settles in at home, the work performance will also be affected. This is without mentioning all the added stress of working both at home and in the office.

Following this logic, France has recently voted a law that bans after hours emails and gives any employee the right to disconnect.