Women's Health

Contraceptive pills

May 13, 2017

Women now have one less excuse for not taking the contraceptive pill. Contrary to what is widely believed and according to recent research that was featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the contraceptive pill does not lower your libido. The authors of the study, from the universities of Indiana and Kentucky say that evidence of such a link is quite inconclusive and therefore the causality cannot be assumed to be true.

Contraceptive pills have been used since their conception to allow people to have sexual intercourse without the need to worry about conceiving a baby. And along with numerous claims that the ingestion of these pills leads to a reduced sexual desire, there has also been some controversy surrounding the effect of pills on women’s natural mood and attitude.

In the past, there has been multiple studies that looked at the same issue. Some of them support the theory while others refute it. This study, however, tried to take the problem on from a more general standpoint. The lead of the research, Dr Kristen Mark from the university of Kentucky has explored the effect of different contraceptives on the level of sexual desire in both men and women in relationships.

This is quite an unusual group to study, as other research does not usually sample people in long term engagement or who are simply partners. But Dr Mark saw that many contraceptive users are people who are specifically in this group and therefore quite important to study.

The research took on three types of contraceptives, oral hormonal, non oral hormonal and non hormonal. The team analyzed the effect of these on heterosexual couples’ desire. The measurements were for dyadic desire, which is desire we feel when with a partner and solitary desire which is the desire we feel when alone.

The findings were clear, as Dr. Mark puts it: “The pill doesn’t kill desire. This research helps to bust those myths”. She hopes to help women better rationalize the changes that can happen in their sexual inclinations and desires.