Sexual health

Sexual health

May 14, 2017

We often notice our co-workers looking tired in the morning and we joke about what they were doing the night before, typically hinting at sex the night before. Well, according to a new study regular sex at home doesn’t make you tired but rather gives you an extra boost the next day at work. Continue Reading…



May 14, 2017

A new type of bacteria has been discovered in the past few years and it has scared the international community more than any other recent health discovery of the past decade. These families of bacteria have evolved during our lifetimes and can now be relatively immune to antibiotics that we commonly use to cure and deal with infections. Continue Reading…

Weight Loss

Gluten-free diet

May 14, 2017

In recent years, there has been a growing number of people who have decided to switch to a gluten free diet. It has been commonly accepted that gluten is a mostly harmful protein and that going gluten free can improve one’s health and reduce the risk of heart disease. But a new study has just debunked all these beliefs. It turns out that people who are not specifically instructed by their health professionals to stay away from gluten, in other words, people not suffering from coeliac disease and wheat allergy, should not have a gluten free diet as the risks of such a diet clearly outweigh the benefits. Continue Reading…

Women's Health

Contraceptive pills

May 13, 2017

Women now have one less excuse for not taking the contraceptive pill. Contrary to what is widely believed and according to recent research that was featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the contraceptive pill does not lower your libido. The authors of the study, from the universities of Indiana and Kentucky say that evidence of such a link is quite inconclusive and therefore the causality cannot be assumed to be true. Continue Reading…