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My name is Naomi. I am from Belgium.

Many years I was interested in ear diseases and sense of hearing. I have a lot of information related to this topic. Once I have realized that internet is the perfect place to share my knowledge I opened my blog devoted to ears and sense of hearing.

Ears same as any other organ need care and protective measures in order to avoid any possible troubles. And in this blog I would like to share information how to do this, how to recognizes that something is wrong and what symptoms should be treated as serious.
Here you will find expert comments, ideas as well as results of scientific researches. There is a lot of information regarding preventive measures to avoid ear diseases including ear hygiene.

Any of you will have chance to ask questions and get answer from a narrow specialist. Also you will find real stories of real people who faced different problems and ways they solved them.

I invite everybody to follow my blog and share your stories and comments on the topic.

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