Cialis (tadalafil) – general information

Generic Cialis is a certified copy of the branded preparation Cialis, repeating its composition, mechanism of action and effectiveness. The drug is far superior to all other analogs for restoring potency and erectile function with its swift action and lasting effect.

One pill effect lasts for thirty-six hours. In addition, Cialis (by confirmed reviews) can be combined with alcoholic beverages, which allows men to remain confident in their sexual powers without any restrictions.

The main components of the drug:

  • On our site you will find all the necessary information about Cialis – instructions for use and reviews of real customers for your attention! The main active ingredient of the drug is tadalafil. It also includes additional components that increase the effect of tadalafil and reduce the risk of side effects. Find out the more accurate composition of the Cialis preparation – the instructions for use contain complete information.

How the drug works comparing to the branded drug Cialis?

  • The price in the pharmacies for the original treatment is very high, you can find on our site identical treatments to the action of the generic. After taking the pill, complex processes are triggered, which relax the smooth muscles of the arteries and increase the blood supply to the penile tissues.
  • The drug is not an agent and does not work without natural sexual arousal, but it creates normal conditions for the onset of a full-fledged physiological erection. Unlike the generic Cialis, the analogs do not have the same powerful and lasting effect and safe effect. To whom the drug is not recommended.

One of the attractive factors of this medicine is the price, but before buying it, you should make sure that you do not have contraindications.

It is absolutely unacceptable to use the drug in the presence of individual sensitivity to its components. Before buying these pills, you should make sure that you do not suffer from acute liver failure, do not undergo a six-month rehabilitation after a heart attack or stroke, do not take alpha-blockers or organic nitrates.

Remember: the most important document for any medical product, including cialis, is an instruction that contains detailed information about the rules of taking, contraindications, limitations.

We offer you full information about generic Cialis – reviews of doctors, contraindications, conditions under which it is permissible to use the drug only as prescribed by the doctor and in strictly recommended doses.

What are the side effects of the drug?

As the results of studies and long-term experience in the practical application of generic drugs have shown, negative effects predominantly occur when the recommended rules of application are violated. In rare cases, the medicine, reviewed below, causes mild short-term reactions, including headache, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, back pain, eye soreness, dizziness, myalgia, flushes to the face, eyelid puffiness, conjunctival hyperemia.

How to take the drug?

Tadalafil is produced in the form of small tablets and is intended for oral administration. One tablet of tadalafil, which can be bought at retail, contains the maximum daily dose of the substance (20 mg). Take the drug should be twenty minutes before sexual activity. Remember, when intending to try tadalafil: the instruction for use categorically does not recommend exceeding the maximum dosage or taking the drug more often than once a day at a lower dosage. Regarding the duration of the effect of the drug Cialis, customer feedback confirms that it persists for up to one and a half days.