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For The Creative On The Go

For The Creative On The Go

by Alex NoelJune 3, 2014

Have you noticed how technology has transformed our lives with helpful gadgets?

Apple is thought to be the market leader when it comes to technological design. They create beautiful products that fit perfectly in the hands of consumers, and at the same time, offer functionality in their products that adds value to their users. So what happens when you take the products of the market leader in technological design and add a new layer of art and science to bring product that offers even more aesthetics and functionality to consumers?

Consumers, meet Lunatik!

Scott Wilosn

Lunatik has played an integral part in this process by developing products which makes your digital experience more fascinating. The company was founded in 2010 by Scott Wilson, a designer at MINIMAL. It instantly became a hit with its TIKTOK LUNATIK Watch Kits invented to accompany the iPod nano.

The design was launched on Kickstarter though only a few designers were using that platform. The campaign raised $1M in just 30 days (!!!) making Scott Wilson an icon in the entrepreneurship sector as well. Wearable technology was not being talked about in 2010, so the idea was new and risky, but founder Scott Wilson proved that there was a market for it.

The instant success of Lunatik proved its ability to recreate a product that was already established as leader in the technology marketplace.

The products

Lunatik did not rest on its early success of the TIKTOK wearable iPod Nano. With its incredible ability to compliment Apple’s products, Lunatik offers a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing iPhone and iPod accessories. In the wearable technology lineup, Lunatik is excited to launch three new watches, the LYNK PULSE, LYNK VAPOR and LYNK EXTREME. The collection can be found at

Lunatik premium protective mobile accessories and watches is a very vibrant collection to suit your lifestyle. Scott Wilson succeeded on the idea that devices should be worn rather than being carried in our pockets.



His TikTok LunaTik Watch Kits has been validated by the recent smart-watch offerings from Samsung and as the inspiration behind Apple’s iwatch. Lunatik products gives a comforting and convenient experience when using technological devices.

Lunatik sells a range of protective cases for the iphone S5 – TAKTIK EXTREME, TAKTIK STRIKE, SEISMIK, FLAK and ARCHITEK all boosting various personalities for its users. The TAKTIK extreme was designed for extreme protection as the name suggest, upgraded to be fully compatible with the new 5s iSight camera and flash. The FLAK Jacket for the iPad is like a skin which can fit into almost anything, making carrying it around a breeze. The touch pen also provides the same comfort as the jacket being very slim and stylish.

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Lunatik has fully achieved its purpose and customers have identified with them as being great gifts, as premium protection for those valuable gadgets, and as an item of merit.

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